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St Marys Primary School, Killyclogher
Mid-Term Break - school closed Mon.18th and Tues.19th February 2019!
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Newsletter Year 6 Jan/Feb 2018

11th Jan 2018


Mental Maths:

·          Find fractions of a set

·          Multiply whole numbers by mixed number (half only)

·          Recall the number of parts in whole numbers

·          Find highest common factor

·          Ongoing reinforcement of multiplication tables.


Data Handling:

·          Construct frequency charts and diagrams involving different scales on the frequency axis, including computer generated charts and diagrams.

·          Be able to use tally method, bar-gate convention when it isn’t possible to identify all the information required at one time, e.g. different total generated when throwing two dice.


·          Understand and use function machines

·          Recognise number patterns – square, cube nos

·          Identify equivalence in vulgar and improper fractions

·          Simplify, add and subtract fractions


Homework activities will be written on the board and pupils will record their homework in notebook, where parents and teachers can write any notes/concerns.

Reading Record to be maintained each week - parental contribution welcome.

Spellings/Tables Mon to Thurs. for assessments on Friday. Mental Arithmetic homework twice weekly – target score 30/36.

How To Help Your Child

·          Be Positive and encourage your child by showing an interest in their work.

·          Praise always helps, at any age.

·          Listen to your child reading aloud–talk about the story and meanings of any difficult words phrases etc. sign and comment in the Reading Record.

·          Practice mental maths skills with pupils at all opportunities - E.g. Tables games, fast recall of number facts, rounding prices when shopping, calculating totals and change.

·          Help pupils to research topics through search engines. reference books, visiting the Library and sharing personal experiences.


Reading: Pupils will read and discuss Home Reading books and Guided Reading books in class. Focus this half term will be on author’s use of verbs, adverbs, paragraphs, speech marks, story conclusions and figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification).

Accelerated Reading books will be available from class library and resource area. Silent Reading will be encouraged every day. Please encourage your child to continue reading and monitor their progress in the Accelerated Reading programme.

Grammar: Pupils will focus on correct punctuation: use of speech marks in dialogue, the use of the apostrophe to show ownership.

Writing: Pupils will examine the features of persuasive and instructional writing.

Handwriting: Pupils will focus on developing a legible and swift style of joined writing, presenting good layout and evaluating their work.


All Topics are cross curricular to enable pupils to connect their learning.

Jan/Feb – Energy

Key Events / Dates

·         6-week PE programme beginning Monday 15th January with Gary Wallace

·         25th January Hazel Wand production of Wizard of Oz (St. Joseph’s Hall)

·         Mid-term break Thursday 15th February; school reopens Tuesday 20th February

·         After school activity Year 6 Jan/Feb – Gaelic Football



Children will

·         share and evaluate powerpoints

·         use Scratch to create, edit and move sprites

·         consider dangers of gaming online

What should I do if my child is having a problem?

·         Contact class teacher by note /phone.

·         Contact School / Principal

·         Parents can maintain contact with the teacher through the homework diary or arrange an appointment through the office staff.

·         All queries will be responded to promptly.